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Collection: Canon

For posts accurately depicting actual events from the anime, manga, games, real life, etc. Either directly (such as depicing the exact canonical scene) or indirectly (by referencing canonical events or a derivative of it that would still be faithful to said event).

Beware! Some of its contents can turn out to be major plot spoilers, proceed at your own risk!

Canon pools

All images pertaining to the pools below are canonical by definition. As a guideline, feel free to add the first image of each pool here.

  • pool #813: Pokemon Special Anime
  • pool #11001: Pokémon - Pokémon RED (Tom Skender)
  • pool #5886: Ib - Anime Adaptation Concept (yodobashi yuo)
  • pool #10840: Undertale - Comic (palidoozy-art)
  • pool #12888: Ranma 1/2 - Celebration! Ranma 30 Year Anniversary (KDC (Tamaco333))

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