Collection: Kantai Collection - Ozawa's Fleet

October 22nd, 1944 - October 25, 1944

A collection of posts that shows the members of the main fleet of the Northern Force commanded by Vice-Admiral Jisaburō Ozawa, earning the name Ozawa's Fleet. The Northern Force was part of the three-prong attack of Operation Sho-Go, Ozawa's fleet participated in the battle of Cape Engaño (part of the Battle of Leyte Gulf) on October 25, 1944.

The objective of the operation was too use their remaining carrier task force as a sacrificial decoy to draw the American fleet away from protecting their troops and supplies from being landed for the Battle of Leyte.

Members of the Fleet
  • Akizuki was sunk after being hit by an airdropped torpedo. Some speculate that she was sunk by a torpedo launched by the submarine USS Halibut.
  • Chitose was sunk after taking hits from 3 airdropped torpedoes.
  • Zuihou was sunk by an airdropped torpedo and two bombs.
  • Zuikaku was sunk after taking hits from seven airdropped torpedoes and nine bombs. Her crew assembled on her flight-deck to salute as her naval ensign was lowered before abandoning ship.
  • Chiyoda was crippled by four bombs and later sunk by surface gunfire from members of Task Force 34; there were no survivors.
  • Tama was crippled by an airdropped torpedo and was later sunk by the submarine USS Jallao shortly after the battle had ended.
  • Hatsuzuki was sunk by surface gunfire from members of Task Force 34 after standing alone against them for about 2 hours in a defiant last stand.
Posts that are qualified in the pool
  • At least four of the current 11 members are present in the same picture.
  • Posts that are depicting the operation by any of the members.
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