Series: Kantai Collection - The Abyssal Naval Base (Collected) (minarai)

This ongoing series of doujins pick up some time after the events of Minarai's previous work, Shinkai Seikan Meibo (trans. "Abyssal Fleet Girl Roster"), an H-Doujin set between the events of "The Abyssal Naval Base Extra" (pool #9455) and these, making them a continuation of both. These doujins are non-hentai, focusing more on humor and fan-service. The continuity of this pool also includes a special pixiv comic, set between the fifth and sixth volumes of this doujin series.

-Vol.1: post #1939357
-Vol.2: post #1918388
-Vol.3: post #1929255
-Vol.4: post #2106415
-Vol.4.5: post #2258001
-Pixiv Comics: post #2398051
-Vol.5: post #2728471
-Vol.6: post #3376159

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