Nickname: "G"

Original characters

  • Annes: Blue-themed dragon girl with a stoic demeanor, one eye, and often carrying an ootachi. Has an apparent mutual dislike of Dein.
  • Arisa: Yellow-themed dragon girl with two extendable barbed spearlike organs growing from the tip of her tail. Has a lesbian crush on Annes.
  • Dein: Red-themed dragon girl with a muscular and scarred physique, often wearing a fur-trimmed coat and smoking a cigarette or cigar. Has an apparent mutual dislike of Annes.
  • Karutia: Green-themed dragon girl who is an old friend of Tsubasa Ryuuji. Bisexual and often drawn provocatively.
  • Rara: Dragon girl with whitish-pink hair and a younger appearance than the others. Initially portrayed as having a yandere crush on Rio.
  • Leia: Pink-themed dragon girl and the most openly sexual of G's characters, with an incestuous attraction to her brother Rio.
  • Lily: "Dark" version of Lala with dark skin, heterochromia, and flower tattoos.
  • Lutian: Icy-blue-themed dragon girl with yellow eyes and a stern demeanor.
  • Meldine: Blue-and-white themed dragon girl starring in A Boy-Eating Young Woman Has Appeared!!, where she seduces Shota-kun.
  • Miguel: Dragon boy with grey-brown hair and fur covering his arms, sexually assertive, and has an attraction to Rio's gender-bent form.
  • Mira: Black-themed dragon girl with red eyes, shows little emotion.
  • Rio: Black-and-white-themed dragon boy, often subject to the advances of G's other dragon girls, frequently caught in the middle of the local cetaceans' brawls, and sometimes gender-bent.
  • Ryuuga: Black-themed dragon girl with similarities to Dein, possessing a muscular and scarred physique, often drawn wearing an open coat and smoking. Unlike Dein, she has dark skin and prefers to smoke a pipe.
  • Shota-kun: A young, brown-themed dragon boy starring in A Boy-Eating Young Woman Has Appeared!!, where he is seduced by Meldine.
  • Tsubasa Ryuuji: An original female admiral and star of Half Dragon Admiral.

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