[Feature Request] Skeb Video Upload Support and Commentary Changes

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Currently, uploading from Skeb only supports still photos. When attempting to upload a video through the bookmarklet (ex. https://skeb.jp/@kaisouafuro/works/112), it only pulls the thumbnail. It is possible to download the video by going through inspect element. Would like to see this added to the bookmarklet if possible.

In-depth Explanation



<source data-v-3d922da1="" src="https://skeb-production.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/outputs/20f9d68f-50ec-44ae-8630-173fc38a2d6a" type="video/mp4">

line has an src attribute. The link appears to be unique each time but opening a valid link leads redirects to a direct file download (here). For the two posts I tried this on, it gives an mp4 video. Judging by the "Expires=604800", it seems to be valid for a week. The url is long so might need to copy paste into a text editor.

Skeb appears to function in Japanese, with submitted English commentary being translated into Japanese (ex. here and here). Would be nice if bookmarklet pulled the original English text when available instead of the Japanese text. The commentary appears to be the commission request.

The first post linked above (here) seems to be a third type of post, consisting of an animation. Uploading with bookmarklet pulls a thumbnail from the animation, however, right clicking and save video as saves an mp4.

Everything was done on both Firefox 96.0 64bit and Chrome 97.0 64bit, though to my understanding, browser doesn't affect bookmarklet.