Can't download ugoira animations

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Here's an example I grabbed off the front page: post #5972082

The URL I got for this page when clicking the thumbnail is: post #5972082

There is no longer any download button or link. There is only "View WebM". This link goes to post #5972082 ...which is the same URL I'm already on. It doesn't take me to a .webm file. Right-clicking the image and choosing "Save image as..." will only download a single still frame. So it seems that downloading the whole animation is impossible now, at least without jumping through hoops that 99% of the site's users won't know how to do.

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  • Looks like a bug if you have it set to always show the original file. The "View WebM" button is supposed to unset the ?original=1 parameter which Danbooru uses to use the ugoira player instead of webm sample, but it's not applicable when you have originals enabled by default.

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  • Here's a script that adds a WebM download link next to the regular one in the sidebar.

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name        Danbooru download ugoira as WebM
    // @match       https://*.donmai.us/posts/*
    // @grant       none
    // @version     0.1.0
    // @author      Nameless Contributor
    // @description Add a WebM download link in the sidebar for ugoira posts
    // ==/UserScript==
    if (document.querySelector('.image-container').getAttribute('data-tags').match(/(^|\s)ugoira($|\s)/)) {
      const zipDownloadLink = document.querySelector('li#post-option-download > a');
      const webmFilename = zipDownloadLink.download.replace('zip', 'webm');
      const webmUrl = zipDownloadLink.href.replace('/original/', '/sample/').replace(/_(?=[0-9a-f]{32})/,'_sample-').replace('zip', 'webm');
      const webmDownloadLink = document.createElement('a');
      webmDownloadLink.download = webmFilename;
      webmDownloadLink.href = webmUrl;
      webmDownloadLink.textContent = 'WebM';
      zipDownloadLink.after(' (', webmDownloadLink, ')');
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