Question about "check_translation" tag

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If a post has this tag, and a translation checker makes changes (or believes no changes are necessary), should the checker remove the tag or leave it for the original tagger to remove?


Type-kun said:

(Yay necrobumping).
I have another question. Shouldn't check_translation posts include either of translated and translation_request? There's quite a few of check_translation -translated -translation_request. I also see this sometimes used to ask for check of commentary translations.

Yes, check_translation should not stand alone.

I think it should always be used with translation_request - that way, translators searching for translation_request will come across the posts that need to be checked, without needing to explicitly search for check_translation. If it is used with translated, or with neither, it decreases the chances of another translator seeing it.

Also, using the tag for commentary too seems somewhat reasonable (as long as it's with commentary_request).