Saved Searches issue

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The last couple of days saved searches just haven't been working properly? <10 of the searches I have saved actually show up when browsing the section, the rest just don't and I can't seem to figure out why. Anybody know whats going on?

Same issue, saved searches seem to be updating very infrequently. Even if a couple of them do refresh, once the refresh time reaches ">1 hour ago" all the results get dumped, so I only ever have results from one or two of them showing up.

I might be missing something but it doesn't seem like its fixed to me at least. When i go to thr manage saved searches tab, it appears that a large portion of them are just not updating

Edit - my bad, seems like it fixed itself immediately after i posted this. Figures

Doesn't seem fixed to me either. It was almost completely updated (except for a couple searches) this morning, but since then it's stopped updating again. This is what my manage searches page has been like, with only one or two random searches having results at any given time.

I saw a huge spike in the Saved Search queue delays 2 days ago and made a little program to help me visualize the growth in delay over the course of a day. I went ahead and calculated 2023-03-18 UTC.

Name Queue delay
Cold030 3 minutes
OblivArt >5 hours
Kamaki >5 hours

(Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pWUnBoCoGmXLzMtUemakWTM8nYJqn5tC/view)

I still have no clue as to why, I just know that it's been consistently happening, though not always at the same time of day. For instance, on the days it was impacting me, it started growing severely at around 0400Z, but on the chart above it's 0900Z.