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The irritating 'oh' romanization has come and gone over time here (primarily in the back and forth on FSN's Rin) as a replacement for 'oo'. Though there's agreement that it should not replace 'ou', hence why there was no controversy with Azumanga.

I'd obviously prefer toono_minagi myself.

As for Michiru, EB is correct, she should really just be referred to as "Michiru". For various reasons. Aliased the existing tag to michiru_(air) and retagged the two images that were under michiru to koto_michiru and michiru_(nagasarete_airantou)


nanami said: According to the official game website, it's "oo," not "ou" (which I confirmed through WWWJDIC). So "Toono" may be the correct way to go. I don't know about the other Tohnos though.

I know, what I was saying is that for some reason some people (not me) on danbooru like romanizing おお as 'oh' rather than 'oo'. You cited Azumanga as an example, but Azumanga was not an issue because it's おう, and almost everyone seems to agree on romanizing that as 'ou'.

This shouldn't have been changed, It's officially "tohno_minagi" and if need be I can provide proof of that, such as official merchandise and posters with the name "tohno" on it not toono)
one need only google "toono minagi" to see all results come up 'tohno' including the wiki pages. There's no reason to change it. Even the translations of the game uses "Tohno".

See howto:romanize, these parts in particular:

For Japanese names, the Danbooru standard takes precedence over any officially provided spelling. If the official or otherwise established romanization of a name differs from our standard, it should be mentioned on the applicable wiki or artist page, preferably with reliable sources provided, but not used for tags or translations.


Mistakes to avoid

  • とおの → toono, not *tono, *tōno, *tohno or *touno. Watch out for style differences like this when referencing other sources.

edit: BTW, the wiki for tohno minagi can be deleted

So why was this made the standard if (besides the official translation) most other corner of the internet including other image boorus use 'Tohno'? Even this place used "Tohno" for the longest time, why was it changed? was it just because a few individuals prefer the incorrect 'toono'?