Approved, then deleted for "scat"

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Hey, I has posted post #793878 a while back and it got approved, but then I was checking my deleted posts and saw it was deleted because it's scat. There's nothing in the TOS about scat, so what's the deal? I'm not trying to make a big deal about getting a post deleted; I just want to know the rationale for deleting this one and not also all the others.

Edit: I just double-checked about:tos and it does actually say "Grotesque: Any depiction of extreme mutilation, extreme bodily distension, feces, or bodies that are far outside the realm of normal human proportion (for example, breasts or penises that are larger than two heads in size)." Can't blame me for not finding it on the first look through. Still doesn't explain why similar pictures aren't deleted.

Updated by Blossop

What usually happens usually happens. Occasionally an approver will make a mistake. Rarely, an image will contain outre material but transcend it through extraordinary art quality or some other redeeming feature.