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I've currently transitioned arm_holding to represent one character holding another's arm and holding_arm to represent a character holding their own arm, along with adding a wiki entry stating so. Personally, I think one of them should be aliased/mass edited/whatever to something more different than the counterpart so as to avoid general confusion. I'm too braindead at the moment to think of one, though.

P.S. Someone needs to beat me over the head until I get that the tag script system doesn't need a + behind added tags.

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Agreed with Moose. Hugging your own arm makes no sense.

arm hug currently describes a character wrapping their arm(s) around another character's arm. arm grab describes gripping another character's arm with one's hand. Would it be safe to alias arm holding to holding arm (or vice-versa) to describe a character holding their own arm, and use arm hug for when they're holding another person's arm? We lose ambiguity with the arm holding/holding arm tags and it seems arm grab and arm hug cover arm holding's current definition with more detail.