Uesugi Kenshin aliases.

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First order of business: uesugi_kenshin_(sengoku_rance) and uesugi_kenshin_(sengoku_rance)_(cosplay) should be aliased to uesugi_kenshin_(rance) and uesugi_kenshin_(rance)_(cosplay) respectively. The current tag is too damn long and thanks to rance_quest she doesn't just appear in sengoku_rance anyway.

Also, I just made the uesugi_kenshin tag ambiguous, since there is more than one uesugi_kenshin on Danbooru, and then moved all of the images under uesugi_kenshin that depicted the Rance series character to uesugi_kenshin_(sengoku_rance). Should I have left the ambiguous tag on those images? I just did a tag script of -uesugi_kenshin uesugi_kenshin_(sengoku_rance) on all appropriate images.

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Wouldn't this also effectively mean that we need to alias or move all the *_(kichikuou_rance) tags to *_(rance) tags? Is the common practice for disambiguating tags to append the series umbrella, or the first specific game/series that the character appears in?

I've never actually played Kichikuou Rance myself, but I have heard that it's a non-canon side/what-if game, and some characters (Oda Kou/Kouhime, for example) are depicted completely differently when they showed up in the canon series (though I don't believe there are any images of the Kichikuou version of Oda Kou on this site).

The kichikuou versions of Rance 7 characters are rarely drawn, if drawn at all. For consistency, it may be a good idea to alias the following tags if we're aliasing Kenshin's tag:

I think that's all of them. As for yukihime_(sengoku_rance) -> yukihime_(rance) I am in favor of replacing "yukihime" with asakura yuki and getting rid of the _(rance) qualifier altogether.