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katsuko_(rance) -> uesugi_katsuko
torako_(rance) -> uesugi_torako

Reason: Rance Quest confirms that the two characters in question indeed belong to the Uesugi clan. The _(rance) qualifier doesn't seem necessary anymore since it's unlikely for the names to collide (unlike katsuko/torako which may be ambiguous).

Also, unrelated questions about some romanizations:

  • Should コパンドン be "Copandon" or "Kopandon"?
  • The unresolved issue about how to properly romanize レイラ・グレクニー in forum #64289.
  • ウルザ・プラナアイス -> "Uruza Planaice" or "Urza Planes" for being an obvious reference to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urza_Planeswalker.

EDIT> "Lysette Kalar" and "Pastel Kalar" can also be romanized as "Reset Color" and "Pastel Color". Is this a pun on one of the drawing tools used by alicesoft's artists?

EDIT2> Still a bit unsure about what the consensus is on kou_hime vs. kouhime.

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