Pool idea; Characters unfazed from wounds

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Want to see if this idea isn't already around or if it would be worth making a pool for.

The idea is to highlight images showing characters getting stabbed, body parts blown up, burned, shot up, and whatever other kinds of woundings you can think of, and being completely unfazed by it, as if nothing was actually happening. OR the after result of said woundings, where the character looks alright considering all the crap they just went through.

the inspiration for this pool came from post #971323, though i've seen the concept before.
i'd like to name the pool "tis but a scratch", after the black knight line from mounty python.

thoughts? worth doing or not? too big a scope? I feel like i've seen this idea before but im not sure if it was here or not.


now that i think about it, "Doesn't that hurt?" would probably be best as far as a name goes. Shows that this is a pool about people getting hurt, and yet the question mark suggests theres more to it then just people getting injured.

added the pool to it. I tend to forgot about pool groups but it really is a good way to highlight lesser known pools.

I put it in Dangerous to the characters. Assumed that was the proper one to put it in.