Question: would be Disgaea Character Collection approved?

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Question: would be Disgaea Character Collection approved?

The titles pretty much says it all, I was wondering if it is a good idea upload a copy of Disgaea Character Collection book. Or at least the pages with pictures or even only the pages with the classes' descriptions.

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About quality it seems good to me. At least there is no moire and every page is fairly high res (about 2000x2800 pixels).

About numbers of pages.
Everything: about 180 pages.
Only characters and classes description: about 40 pages.
Places description: 12 pages.
Various full page pictures: about 30 pages.

In the book there are many pages with tables, items bonuses and spell shapes. I think that are fairly uninteresting. So uploading only the most interesting(IMO) parts would put about 100 pages.

I would only upload pages with art that can stand on its own. Danbooru isn't a good place to upload scanned text or tables.

Also starting slowly in smallish batches would be a good idea to verify that what you are uploading really is acceptable, and you don't accidentally kill your upload quota.

I wouldn't upload anything other than a handful of images between p004-p025, maybe. That's just me.

I'm not big on artbooks being posted here unless they're full-page illustrations, or of high enough quality that single or multiple illustrations can be cropped and uploaded on their own without the bulk of the page. Some of harada_takehito's illustrations in the book are already posted in what I assume is their original form, or close to it (such as post #12427 and post #270964), which I personally prefer over the artbook scans.

A few exact pages have been posted already.
post #48394
post #5233
post #141208

Definately don't upload pages that are primarily text, charts, or tables, and certainly check to make sure you aren't uploading lower quality duplicates. Iqdb.org and searching by the artist's tag (harada_takehito) are your friends for this.

For mostly full page illustrations that aren't duplicates though, I'd definitely approve them. My inclination against approving manga, comics, and doujin doesn't extend to artbooks where the art can stand by itself and in isolation.