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Tag alias: kou_hime & kouhime -> oda_kou

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The tag oda_kou does not exist right now, but that is her full name. I know I tried to look for post #926000 by looking for kouhime and oda_kou as tags, and came to the conclusion that it's not on danbooru, until I tried to upload the image.

Alias rationale:

  • There is no convention to separate "hime" from the given name even within the set of Rance chartags (cf. senhime).
  • Most people who played Sengoku Rance via the English patch would search for "kouhime" since they would assume that to be kou's actual name.
  • When the choice is given to tag a character as her full name (Oda Kou) vs. given name + "hime" (Princess Kou), tagging as the full name makes more sense.

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