Tag implications: card_on_fire -> card, fire

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jjj14 said:
In my opinion, having the tags card and cards separate is less ridiculous than making tags like card_in_mouth_of_animal.

Then we can just delete card_in_mouth_of_animal. As I said before: "The new tags have varying levels of detailedness and value. For example, I am sure "too many cards" is a very important tag, while "card in basket" is forgettable. I'll just leave them all, for now. If any change/renaming/deletion/creation/merger/split/etc. is necessary, it can be done anytime in the future."

While I was checking each of those approximately 2000 posts of cards for taggable content, I did not know exactly how they would be used. I did not know which new tags would be virtually empty; I did not know which would list hundreds of posts; and so on. Anyway, the expected initial state is always having just one taggable post for each tag.

The separate tags card and cards were unreliable, uncared for, unexplained, unjustified, inconsistent - to a ridiculous extent.