Tag implication: ice wings -> ice

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I would support this if the tag were correctly used, but since users add it to every possible cirno image (post #1062182), this will cause more harm than good. (I've removed it from quite a lot of Cirno pictures before which were just like that image.)

Didn't we also conclude that ice_wings must be in the "vague shape of wings"? So it wouldn't apply to the majority of cirno posts anyway?

I expect ice_wings to either look like actual wings (post #999552) or at least be drawn in a way that realistically resembles ice (post #1052637, post #1043234). Not a bunch of floating blue diamonds which you wouldn't even be able to tell is ice without the Cirno context that you see in about every 4koma or chibi depiction of Cirno ever (post #999999, post #1048411, post #1049711, post #1054558, post #1041144, post #1052353, and on and on).

The tag should be used as thus: If, looking at the wings alone without knowing it's attached to Cirno, you would not be able to tell that it's made of ice and intended to be wings rather than a bunch of floating diamonds, don't tag it ice_wings.

Once the above is accepted as the normal guideline for using the ice_wings tag, then the implication is fully justified.