Umbrella tag for some of the naked_*(clothes) tags?

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We have naked apron, naked sweater, naked hoodie, etc... How about an umbrella tag like naked clothes (silly as that might sound) they can all implicate?

Define it as a character wearing a single item of clothing and nothing else, when one would expect them to be wearing something else underneath it.



Updated by S1eth

I think the definitions of the tags are too broad for an umbrella tag even after you excluded the obvious ones which don't feature any articles of clothing.

naked_shirt, naked_sweater, naked_hoodie and all other potential tags which you could call naked_{upper-body clothing here} are tagged bottomless ~no_pants ~open_clothes ~no_bra

naked_suspenders is: topless suspenders, except for post #1031246, which looks like a weird sling bikini.

In both cases, the character could be wearing underwear underneath their shirt/pants/skirt.

naked_cape and naked_scarf are not clothes designed to cover the torso. In most cases, the character will be nude