Tag suggestion: breasts_apart

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A tag for images where the breasts do not touch each other, either due to the way they rest or due to being held apart.

The opposite of cleavage. Not for images in which the breasts do not touch only because of something between breasts.

Or do we already have something like this?

Random Examples:

A good tags for searching for images to seed the tag include...

Proposed wiki definition:

A tag for images where the breasts are held apart, either due to gravity or due to manipulation. The skin over the breastbone should be visible.

The opposite of cleavage. Not for images in which the breasts do not touch naturally because of flat chest or innate separation, and not for images that only do not touch because of something between breasts.


T5J8F8 said:
I'd suggest spread_breasts, if not for that sounding like a deliberate separation rather than just a general state. But yes, this oughta be tagged.

That was my first idea for the name, but I actually went with separated_breasts because I like the idea of a tag including breasts that naturally fall to either side, like the first few images above.

Of course, there could be room for both with spread_breasts implicating separated_breasts...


More descriptive options never hurt. The proposed tag tends to either be associated with breasts that settled naturally/realistically or with breast play. It's one of the things I notice in an image sometimes, and I've scratched my head for a while over why it isn't tagged.

I'd also like to note that the tag should probably be limited to characters with breasts large enough to touch naturally on their own. Otherwise, characters with a flat chest (and without breast_squeeze) would always meet this tag and would rob the tag of its notability.

While the tag would be a common one, it's definitely not present in all images where breasts aren't being pressed together. Take the following counter-exmaples:

  • post #756954 open shirt, loosely clinging, and yet breast contact.
  • post #744391 lying back, moderate size, but still touching
  • post #765717 breasts naturally rest together sitting up, vs...
  • post #761625 breasts are too small to naturally touch. No tag.
  • post #757665 breasts probably not touching, but it's not *clear*. No tag.

Or just one self-contrasting pic, post #775289: Sanae, yes. Reimu & Aya, no.

Now, Marisa is an interesting test case here. Do you think her breasts are being held/pushed apart, or do they just fail to touch naturally. See also post #783309, where the breasts seem large enough, but they aren't able to naturally touch. Should the tag apply here?

I'm not sure. Opinions?


After reviewing potential posts and mulling over the question for a day, I begin to see T5J8F8's wisdom in proposing that the tag be called spread breasts instead.

I've seen WAY too many posts in which a girl's reasonably sized breasts just have a gap between them on the chest, and what I was shooting for was a more "causal" tag in which it was the result of some outside force (e.g. gravity).

So, I've revised the proposed definition to lean more in that direction.

Just to make sure I understand correctly (and that interpretation hasn't shifted):

  • cleavage is the tag to use for state where breasts touch.
  • no tag is to be used for where breasts do not touch and would not touch when unsupported (e.g. number 4 or number 30! from post #2168938), or stated in a different way, where breasts do not touch, and are neither pushed together (e.g. number 19 from post #2168938) or apart (e.g. number 37 from post #2168938).
  • breasts apart is for when breasts _usually_ would touch, (e.g. number 14, or perhaps number 23? from post #2168938), but where gravity (or a bra that lifts and separates) has caused that to no longer the case (e.g. number 27 from post #2168938).

This suggests that 1girl flat_chest cleavage is pretty much impossible, and anything smaller than perhaps the upper end of large breasts needs some form of external support to cause cleavage to form, but it is also entirely possible for someone with huge breasts to have neither the condition of cleavage nor breasts apart.