Tag alias: *clothing* -> *clothes*

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After spending 10 minutes fixing my own tags in post #1085710, looking for and checking every tag with the words "clothing* or "clothes", I've had enough. Tags should be intuitive so I don't have to stop and look for "? tag 1" or open the wiki for a tag I've used 30 times today. I have never come across any tag that has an intuitive reason to use "clothing" over "clothes. So here's the full list of what I'm proposing:

1 page of *clothing*:

2 pages of *clothes*: http://hijiribe.donmai.us/tag?commit=Search&name=*clothes*&type=&order=date

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I guess not particularly. I chose this way round because there are more clothes tags than clothing tags and that's what comes to my head first. I don't mind if it's the other way, I can change my mind to always use clothing, just as long as I don't keep having to memorise-by-rote a list of tags with no rule to help me remember. I just can't see any pattern when try and decide which tag should use which postfix.

Edit: I suppose having them different would be fine, as long as the other post-fix was aliased to the tag. Just like with plurals, sometimes we use the plural, sometimes the singular, but the alias is there so you don't have to remember and spend any longer on that tag than you need to.

A lot of these posts are under 10 posts, so they would normally be only candidates for being edited in one direction instead of aliased.

Also I'm not sure of the clothing_pin -> clothes_pin suggested alias. The only image under clothing_pin appears to be that of a lapel pin and not of a clothes pin. The name "clothing pin" also seems a a lot more ambiguous, suggested by the results of a google search which turns up a variety of results such as button_badges, safety_pins, etc. This is opposed to searching "clothes pin" which is much more consistent in results being specifically the pins used to hang clothing to dry.

The asymmetrical_clothes -> asymmetrical_clothing alias is gone now, but asymmetrical_clothing -> asymmetrical_clothes doesn't seem to have taken effect. /acl should probably be updated to point to asymmetrical_clothes as well.