Musical Instruments melded with Weapons

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I had to find some instances of weapons with a musical motif and it was more work than I'd planned. Initially, I had to search the "weapon" and "instrument" tags together, then start filtering out series which commonly have these two items together separately. I maxed out my search and still had far too many pages to go through easily.

So I propose a tag for when a weapon is still a standard weapon (like a sword, staff or axe) yet it clearly has the likeness of a musical instrument. This tag is -not- for when a musical instrument is being used as a weapon, like smashing somebody with a standard guitar.

It's more common than you'd think.
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and I'm sure I missed many, many more.

I'm having trouble naming the tag. instrument_themed_weapon maybe? I'd appreciate input on this before I start adding it.

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  • It has been done. Well, at least for the example images. I never did find the initial image that got me to do the search in the first place. LOL

    Alignn said:
    Presumably Waka's flute would count when it's emitting that lightsaber-blade-looking-thing in the picture?

    Do you mean in post #489434 ? If you know the character's name then please add it. A search of Waka and Maginogi turns up nothing for me. Actually if it weren't for the Mabinogi tag I would've thought it was an unknown Polyphonica spinoff. I mean, look at the robed guy's back even. LOL.

    But if that's the pic you meant, I added the tag because of the maid's sword. It's got wind pipes and stuff.

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