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You ought to put links to things to make it easier for people.

curly (jintai), makige (jintai), official website

IMO, if the "name" is a title or description of the person (in this case, her hairstyle) and not an actual name, then it should be tagged in English. Like what we did for girl with exchange diary (k-on!) and the others, before their names were revealed. Or girl from the illusionary world, or mysterious boy (angel beats!), or father (fma). Also, forum #57232.


The initial character tags I didn't know what to do with, since they served as the character's proper name and was simply what everyone in-show called them, as far as I knew, or are what the site said they were. It's not like it was a K-On example, where the extras were called whatever by fans because there was nothing official to go by.

Anyway, it's why I thought it best at the time to just follow the Japanese format, as with Watashi (Jintai), until someone either changed them or brought it up.

But if we change it, Joshu-san should be aliased to Assistant (Jintai), as well, to follow the example of Grandfather (Jintai) and now this.