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Tag Implication: types of Wings

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Oops, missed that post.

All done.

BTW, this will sound really trivial, but when posting tags for implicating or aliasing, try to keep the underscores between words. That way I can just copy/paste and not have to go and add all the underscores myself (which takes time, even if only a little, and increases the chance I'll make a typo).

Not too sure about your example case there.

jxh2154 said in forum #69853:
As for not tagging "earrings" when single_earring is present... ehhh I dunno. For example I just did single_thighhigh -> thighhighs today and that seems perfectly sensible to me. If someone is wearing earrings, they're wearing earrings, whether it's 1 or 100.

It's true it makes it harder to find "one girl with one earring next to another girl with two" but you could make variations of that statement for quite a lot of implications. I'm not sure that unlikely search negates the implication.

Also, while the single_earring tag explains that you should only use it when both ears are visible and you know that the character wears only a single one, the single_wing wiki currently says "It may either not exist or be cut off.". (which is not how I'd use that tag btw)