Hot and cold tags

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The wiki descriptions for these tags are currently inconsistent:


To be used when the character on the picture is suffering from hot weather.


Used for pictures which show a character dressed up in a cold environment.

I think of the "cold" tag as being the exact opposite of the current "hot" tag wiki description, where the character is "suffering from cold weather". Sometimes this suffering comes from the fact that they're NOT dressed up for a cold environment, so the current wiki seems a little misleading to me.

saizo0070 said:
And surprisingly enough, we don't have a shivering tag.

Actually, it looks like it's aliased to trembling. "Shivering" doesn't necessarily imply cold weather, so I guess the alias should stay and place, and shivering due to cold weather should be covered by trembling cold tag search (provided users remember to tag both where appropriate).

Suffering from hot weather is far more common because in cold weather one can just wear more clothes.
How about changing the wiki of hot to include picture without negative effects from the weather? Something like "the fact that it is hot/cold plays a clear role in the picture (sweating all over, fanning self, ... / visible breath, snow, shivering, ...)"