Desperatly looking for picture.

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I really am hoping i am not pissing someone off, or breaking rules doing this thread, but i have looked through both help, rules and so on about asking for help, but i REALLY need your guys help!

Recently, it appears a pic from my stash has completely sunk into the ground, it's gone without a trace! I can't find it anymore, and i've tried several tags about the picture i could just remotely remember.

I drew up an EXTREMELY rough sketch, despite my drawing skills stink. But it's at least a point in the direction of the picture i am looking for.

Sketch: http://sketchtoy.com/39816239

So it's one girl, sort of kneeling over a large ... Yoga/beach ball of some kind. I can't remember if she was just hugging the top of the ball or actually resting her head on her arms. She was either in a one-piece or a two-piece. I am pretty sure she was looking at you/the viewer (POV?). It was taking, what i would say is the side. Not sure if there is another team for "from the side." I am almost sure the color that was most represented in the picture was pink.

This is really all i can provide for now :( And again, i really hope i am not pissing anyone off, or breaking rules, so please, bear with me.

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papercat said:

i have looked through both help, rules and so on about asking for help

I strongly doubt that.

However, the forum is to be used for issues related to Danbooru itself and/or its use. Do not use the forums for image request threads or topics unrelated to Danbooru.