Pokemon pool/tag cleanup

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With XY around the corner, I notice some people going crazy with pooling pokemon images again. Some of this has already been discussed before in the pointless pools thread, but the pools require some pruning.

See pool group:pokemon for the list of pokemon pools.

Suggested clean up:

Pokemon - Type: <<Type>> pools:

Use only for images of groups of (3 or more) pokemon of the same type, or with a clear focus on that type.
Remove all images that just depict solo pokemon.

Pokemon - <<Region>> Gym Leaders

Use only for groups of gym leaders. (possibly merge them into 1 pool)
Restrict the gym leader and elite four tags to actually relevant images. We know that character X is a canon gym leader, but this information is not useful if the image does not depict them while they are working. We gain nothing from post #1456034 being tagged gym leader


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  • Shouldn't we discuss this a bit more? If only because that leaves some of the pools quite empty. When I search those pools it's because I'm looking for a picture of a specific type of pokemon. Fire pokemon for example, I want to be able to look through several pictures of just fire pokemon not just some where there a couple of fire pokemon in the picture. Same goes for the gym leader and elite four tags, I want to be able to look through gym leader pictures regardless of what they're doing in the picture.


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  • Yes, briefly. From the Pointless pools thread (topic #8282, page 80)

    Nials said:
    Maybe create 17 different tags going like this : ghost_pokemon poison_pokemon [ground_pokemon]] and so on? it does seem ridiculous indeed.

    ghostrigger said:
    imho, i think there's no need to create tags at that level of identifying pokemon with their respective types/elemental powers. it's like classifying naruto ninjas into fire, lightning, sand, rock, and mist (which we don't do i believe?). i personally think there are enough websites for that.

    feline_lump said:
    Regarding the Pokemon type pools: they actually do have a valid concept, but have recently been subject to misuse. They are intended to contain images with a focus on a certain type, but this has been stretched to "any picture of any Pokemon with this type". post #629043, post #911299, and post #663387 are a few examples of images that belong in these pools.

    Personally, I think they should stay, but they need a lot of pruning.

    Rampardos said:
    I have to agree with ghostrigger's sentiment. There's no reason why you should need to search by type, it's outside the scope of this site. If you want to find a pokemon just search by their tags. I could maybe see some use for them if they were for undeniably type themed pictures and not just a tag to apply to any given picture with a pokemon in it, but even then I'm sure a simple element tag like fire or water could be thrown in to find those with a good amount of success.


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  • Bumping this because it was never resolved and I've seen even more instances of arbitrary pooling lately. For instance, there's a wall of Hex Maniac images in the Poison pool simply because the artist chose to draw her with a Gastly rather than any other ghost.

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  • Why not just make the pool addition based on relevance? If the picture focuses on pokemon then they belong, but if it's just a picture of Hex Maniac's massive breasts with a gastly in the top corner then it shouldn't be added.

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