Collection: Touhou - Clownpiece the Red Blooded American

This pool is for images of Clownpiece doing things that are seen as American or involve the U.S.

This would include things like waving/saluting the American flag post #2535323
Eating "American" food (e.g hamburgers and hot-dogs) post #2912203
Posing with or acting as the president post #2611905
Speaking English when others are not and that has not been translated post #3312293
Firing guns post #2726126
Also posing with (or being) a symbol of the U.S (e.g. bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, Declaration of Independence) post #2216387 post #2248744.

Things that would not qualify include:
Only wearing stars and stripes clothing, seeing as that's her usual color pattern.
All characters are speaking English.

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