Tag implication: bomb -> explosive

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Please stop submitting implication requests without reasoning. Just because two things are linked in the real world doesn't mean they should necessarily be linked here. I see no benefit in this particular implication.

Paint bombs in splatoon are also under the bomb tag but are by no means explosives.

fossilnix said:

The explosive wiki does mention bombs, and is already implicated by mines and grenades. bombs wiki also calls it an explosive. If explosive is going to be an umbrella tag for things that blow up, I wouldn't want bombs to be left out.

Should be clear if one reads the wikis.
And Log...if you see no benefit, then we can nuke the other implications.
Would be the same thing in green.

I agree with you two.
Splatoon is something that has its own word for bombs, mines et cetera (and even these bombs do explode).
Well then, the Splatoon word for those bombs are normally splat_bombs (There are two other bomb types in Splatoon, so maybe something more general like Ink_bomb.