Alias strap_lift to strap_pull

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The bulk update request #8442 has been rejected.

create alias strap_lift -> strap_pull

Confusion and overlap.
Lifting a strap is kind of pulling it upwards.

For example, post #4933540 is tagged strap_lift while it is more of a pull.
And post #5015236 is tagged with strap_pull (rightfully imo), while if we stick to the definition of "lifting", it should be tagged as strap_lift.

posts count for strap_pull: 3823
posts count for strap_lift: 947
posts count for combined search strap_pull strap_lift: 45

People tend to tag strap_pull more, hence why I request to alias strap_lift to strap_pull. There are a lot of pictures that will be missed by either of these tags if they are searched alone.

Also, I don't think it needs to be specific to a type of garment, like wiki for strap_lift specifies it is for upper garment.
Examples for pulling a bikini strap: post #5013359 or a garter strap: post #4728057