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NWF_Renim said:

Related question, is there a difference between a whale_tail_(animal_tail) and a dolphin tail depiction? Both groups of animals belong to the group Cetacea, and under dolphin tail there are already depictions of Orcas, Narwhals, etc.

The gap between the fins tends to be more pronounced in whales than in dolphins, but if we're already grouping narwhal and dolphin tails together it doesn't really make sense for us to keep whales separate imo. Thoughts on the name for a combined tag? cetacean tail?

Provence said:

(Also feel free to drop a better name for the tag)

From the Pixiv tag, it's literally showing_t-back, but that's similar to t-back's meaning. To differ, I'd go with something like t-back_visible_above_legwear? It's too long, but I guess it wouldn't be confused with panties_over_*. Visible thong is a fashion trend, but the name can be understood in multiple ways.

Provence said:

That should also be common knowledge, I hope.

I don't think so. Catacean tail with the aliases sounds good to me.


BUR #9002 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

remove alias whale_tail -> whale_tail_(clothing)

vampdere said:

Two concerns, though: 1) People may not know what cetacean means at first

That's what these aliases are for

2) Some people may mistake a shark tail for a cetacean tail.

We can't do anything about that, though to be honest I really think we should imply cetacean tail to fish tail, even though it's technically wrong. At the end of the day it's basically the same tail but with horizontal fins instead of vertical.