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As for me, I really don't think it's necessary to tag eyepatch colors, especially black ones which are essentially the default color for eyepatches.

I took a look at the color_eyepatch tags and we only have three with meaningful numbers - black_eyepatch with 1.5k, white_eyepatch with 413 and red_eyepatch with 276.
—Black is the color of the default/generic eyepatch popularised by pirates and would apply to 95% of eyepatch posts, making its utility questionable at best.
—White is only there as it's the color of medical_eyepatches, the second most common kind of eyepatch.
—Finally, red is only close to 300 due to Baidou; she comprises almost 90% of red_eyepatch posts (and half of the remainder are Megumin).
These numbers are dwarfed, however, by the eyepatch tag itself, which stands at 50k posts. Excluding greyscale posts and the meagre 2k we already have, that gives us about 43,000 posts featuring untagged eyepatch colors, the majority of which are going to be black.

What I suggest instead is to have a colored_eyepatch tag for all eyepatches that are not black or white, rather than fragmenting this information between several tiny color-specific tags (which would not even be useful for searching due to their minuscule counts).

I added medical eyepatch where missing from white eyepatch, there's a few results under white_eyepatch -medical_eyepatch -flower_eyepatch -sakamoto_mio that aren't medical eyepatches (and sakamoto_mio's would fall under colored_eyepatch) but frankly I don't think they justify having a dedicated white eyepatch tag.

note to self: post #4337661 and post #3926682 should also be moved to colored eyepatch when this is approved.