Alias sweatdrop to sweatdrop_(emoji)

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BUR #9505 has been rejected.

create alias sweatdrop -> sweatdrop_(emoji)

The original intent of the sweatdrop tag is for when the sweatdrop symbol is used to signify a character feeling nervous or embarrassed; examples include post #5211005, the page image of Sweat Drop on TV Tropes, etc. Despite this, the tag seems to be heavily misused by a lot of people for regular sweat, even though that is not the original intention of the tag. Yet another tag made into a mockery and a joke by mistaggers, probably even worse than off-shoulder jacket.

Edit: changed to emoji, as per below.


Tbh, last sentence on the sweatdrop wiki misled me into using it when a character has a single drop on their face, usually with the mentioned emotions involved, though I only have a few posts with it. I think a wiki change and/or a example included would also be adequate.

Edit: Agreed with the answer below.


Shouldn't it be emoji?

I also realize now just how large this tag is. A cursory glance indicates it's overwhelmingly mistagged so I'm not sure if this alias is a great idea. It might be better to just repurpose the tag and tag large_sweatdrop or something, unless someone wants to go through 125k+ posts and fix the mistags.


While yes, the tag is heavily misused so it would need a really big cleanup to make it right. This tag has been a problem for a long while though with several topics about it so it would be nice to see it finally get resolved.

I agree that sweatdrop at the moment is a mess, but I don't think an alias straight away is a good idea.

The tag is currently being used for three different things:

My proposal:

  • create expressive sweatdrop for the second case (in line with expressive_clothes, expressive_hair etc, it's not a great tag name so if someone has a better idea let's hear it)
  • create sweatdrop (emoji) for the third case, perhaps alias large sweatdrop to it. Or the reverse? large sweatdrop sounds like a better way to communicate the meaning and it doesn't risk someone tagging random emojis in a chatlog
  • imply the tag for large comical sweatdrops to expressive sweatdrop: I don't think it's feasible to separate the two, because that kind of stylized sweatdrops are used to communicate expressions, and it's reasonable that someone would want to search for all of them at once (there's the risk of random sweatdrop emojis in chatlogs being tagged and getting a bad tag from the implication, as I said above, but if we go with large sweatdrop it shouldn't really be an issue)
  • once these two tags are reasonably populated, alias sweatdrop to sweat, then unalias and move the alias to expressive sweatdrop

Thoughts? It's a lot of work but I'd be willing to contribute since I enjoy looking at pictures of embarassed anime girls.

I agree with nonamethanks on everything here, and consequently disagree with this proposal. Unfortunately, agreeing with him on everything includes agreeing that "expressive_sweatdrop" isn't a very good name.

I also think it would be good to either have the sweatdrop bit at the start of both tags or an alias from something that does.

I agree with nonamethanks proposal, and also agree with the name being kinda wonky though I don't have a better suggestion myself.

For the gardening, almost all of my uploads tagged sweatdrop (except the ones I've copied from a child and not checking) falls under the emoji/comical variant, so it should be easy to move them over.