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game_asset was proposed a few years back in topic #15647 as a metatag for images whose source is a game (and thus won't ever have a web link that is the 'original' source, excluding a couple of web-based games like Granblue Fantasy.) I'm surprised that it's a gentag and nobody ever wrote a wiki for it. Regardless, unless it wasn't actually created as a result of that topic, it is or was a distinct concept meant for a different purpose.

game_cg could be implied or aliased to game_asset if you think having both tags is unnecessary. It's a very old tag in comparison.

Well currently it is:

  • Used solely on random food images from Genshin Impact, on a single user's uploads, populated by a single user.
  • Not a meta tag.
  • Not very well named if it tries to convey a different meaning. All game CGs are game assets, and we don't have non-image uploads, so they in their current form should have 100% overlap.

We also have a sprite tag (garbage with no clear usage) and tachi-e. If we want game cg solely used for full-backgrounded images like post #5251617 then we should probably make some distinguishing factors because all those tachi-e game cgs clearly are not that.

I'm not convinced we need this separate tag when we have a bunch of others that can fill the roles.

game cg doesn't really mean anything specific. Exhentai for example uses that category for any asset extracted from games. We use it that way too: game_cg tachi-e.

I don't think there's any point in trying to enforce a distinction at this point given the size of the tag, unless someone's going to put in the work to move all extracted assets to game asset or whatever and then make a separate tag for scenes with backgrounds (because "game cg" is not the name for it, at best it'd be an umbrella tag).
Realistically, I don't see anyone doing this.

BUR #10402 has been rejected.

create alias game_cg -> game_asset

From it's wiki description, game cg should be exclusively used for artworks whose source are the games themselves.
The current nomenclature is already causing confusion among users (forum #212897, forum #212990)
Either the tag gets renamed, or the current definition is changed to become more lax (thus invalidating the original purpose of the tag, but). I don't think leaving it as-is is a good idea.

Talulah said:

It might be worth considering splitting game cg into some tag for sprite rips like post #4067698 and full graphics like post #4149225. But I don't have a good name for the latter. It's very inconsistently applied to the former already. We have sprite but it's also not really used.

Sprite's wiki is not up to date, it stills says that sprites are usually pixel arts, which could be be one of the reasons keeping people from using it. We also have tachi-e, which is often used for sprites. If we want to put them in use we have to first agree on how to tag them.