[alias] open_pants/open_shorts -> open_fly

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BUR #9891 has been rejected.

create alias open_pants -> open_fly
create alias open_shorts -> open_fly

Redundant tags, even after reading the wiki of each tag

open fly: When the fly (crotch) of a character's pants or shorts is unzipped or unbuttoned.
open pants: Pants with an open fly.[/codе] open_shorts: Shorts with an [code]open fly.[/codе] the "open fly" tag covers all possible alternatives, no matter if it is shorts or pants, unbuttoned or unzipped. even open_fly tag already has an aliased other alternative tag (unbuttoned_pants) I can't think of any other way where a shorts or pants can be opened without opening from the front. and before they say that tearing a pants could be considered an "open pants", in those situations torn_clothes could be used instead.