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Deprecate Fortissimo Hair Ornament

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BUR #11001 has been rejected.

deprecate fortissimo_hair_ornament
nuke fortissimo_hair_ornament

A tag used very near-exclusively for Miki Sayaka (no seriously, there are only two posts not tagged with her in the tag Nevermind, they're both mistags. If anything, the two posts that weren't Sayaka would be forte hair ornaments). Saw a precedent of such tags being at the very least considered to be nuked before, so here we go.

Nuking it altogether as it already implies both fortissimo and hair ornament. Alternatively it can be aliased to musical note hair ornament, as it's still a part of musical notation, though it isn't exactly a note.


BUR #11028 has been rejected.

mass update favgroup:15452 -fortissimo_hair_ornament -> fortissimo_hair_ornament

Well, even if people don't think it's a redundant tag, I would ask for the posts in this favgroup to be updated so they have the tag. The favgroup is essentially hand-picked posts with the ornament because I didn't quite think of tagging them as such at the time, and this would save me a lot of trouble.

EDIT: Nevermind, thanks to Talulah for doing that.