Rename stealth_sex -> stealth_sex_act

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The bulk update request #12054 has been rejected.

create alias stealth_sex -> stealth_sex_act
remove alias stealth_sex -> stealth_sex_act

The wiki says the tag is for any discreet sex act in the presence of people, but the name makes it sound like it's just for stealthy sex.

We may want to instead garden the non-sex sex acts out of the stealth_sex tag, make a new stealth_sex_act tag as an umbrella tag, and then imply or alias (depending on how much we feel like we need a stealth_X tag for every sex act) all the stealth_* sex act tags to it.


  • All the stealth_X tags should probably imply X, but I'm going to wait on this BUR first.
  • It's an alias -> unalias because there are too many posts for a rename.
    • A rename seems reasonable here because stealth_sex_act will be the only tag to come up when a user types in "stealth_sex" and the stealth_sex tag is ambiguous and may want to be used for something else later.

Unbreakable said:

There are some other similar tags, like clothed sex.

Oh, you're right.
That's super unintuitive, especially because some of the other tags do refer to only sex, like standing_sex.

It seems that most of the *_sex tags are for any sex act, not just sex, and I don't have high hopes for a BUR that tries to rename most of the *_sex tags, so I'll probably give this BUR a few more days to see if anyone does agree with it and then reject it.