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The bulk update request #12670 has been rejected.

create implication softboiled_egg -> egg_(food)
create implication hardboiled_egg -> egg_(food)
remove implication omelet -> food
create implication omelet -> egg_(food)
create implication scrambled_egg -> egg_(food)
create implication century_egg_(food) -> egg_(food)
create implication fried_egg -> egg_(food)
create implication tamagokake_gohan -> egg_(food)

Separating these from the first BUR

My main issue with this is that for omelet/omurice the egg is not really visible, it's just represented by the yellow coloring. I'm not sure if we want egg (food) to be tagged when it's not really recognizable as an egg (yolk etc). Not something I feel strongly about though.

I also went back to topic #21414 and approved that one, so I edited the BUR to adjust for it.


I don't think it's that big of a deal, since a lot of the time making an egg into egg_(food) involves it becoming visually indistinct. I could say the same thing about scrambled eggs, for example, and I don't think it would be too controversial.
(An aside: there are too many sunny-side-up eggs in the scrambled eggs tag.)