pixiv_request alias

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The bulk update request #13048 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias pixiv_request -> pixiv_commission

Ambiguous with all our other x_request meta tags. They're called Pixiv requests on Pixiv, but in this case it's better that the name be slightly incorrect than to masquerade as an x_request tag.

I had mentioned elsewhere in the past that the tag could be renamed to pixiv_requested because something like pixiv_commission or pixiv_reward could have lead to confusion with fanbox reward. While I definitely agree with the base idea, what's currently proposed makes the intended use case for the tag equally ambiguous. And I kinda agree with Mexiguy, but at the same time, taggers can be incredibly questionable.

+1: skeb also refers to commissions as 'requests' on their site, yet we tag them skeb_commission,
i see no reason why we should treat pixiv differently, this BUR seems like a no-brainer to me

evazion said:

What actual difference does it make which site the commissioner used to request the commission?

It makes it easier to find the original commissioner's request, which can help identify characters or copyrights in case they weren't tagged by the artist or mentioned in the original commentary.