One Piece group tags

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The bulk update request #13272 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

nuke whitebeard_pirates
nuke donquixote_family
nuke shichibukai
nuke baroque_works
nuke cp9
nuke eleven_supernova

These tags seem like One Piece's take on the kinds of old Pokémon group tags that were nuked (gym_leader, elite_four etc.).

There's also straw_hat_pirates, but the wiki states it's only really for everyone posts and it doesn't seem to suffer from anything more than the occasional mistag (I cleared out maybe six posts that featured three or less characters when making this BUR). I do think it's a better fit for a pool than a tag, but I don't have any particularly strong feelings either way.

The tags right now are pretty bad because they are mostly used on solo pics or pics with a few members (exactly what happened with the Pokemon groups). But I think they're salvageable by applying the same policy used for World Witches Series squadrons: only tag if over half the group is present in a picture.

I'm approving this because as a long time one piece fan I'm struggling to find correct results in them, the vast majority is just padding.

Someone interested can recreate the tags and populate them with posts only depicting all or most of the characters in these groups. It should be fairly easy if you know the copyright.

If you do, remember to readd the translated tags that I just removed from their wikis.