Deprecate "torn_legwear" tag

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BUR #13339 has been approved by @evazion.

mass update solo torn_legwear pantyhose -thighhighs -socks -kneehighs -over-kneehighs -> -torn_legwear torn_pantyhose
mass update solo torn_legwear thighhighs -pantyhose -socks -kneehighs -over-kneehighs -> -torn_legwear torn_thighhighs
mass update solo torn_legwear socks -pantyhose -thighhighs -kneehighs -over-kneehighs -> -torn_legwear torn_socks
create implication torn_thighhighs -> thighhighs
create implication torn_pantyhose -> torn_clothes
create implication torn_thighhighs -> torn_clothes
create implication torn_socks -> torn_clothes
remove implication torn_legwear -> torn_clothes
deprecate torn_legwear

torn legwear appears to be a remnant of forum #212999, and is still being used alongside or instead of the specific legwear tags, even in new uploads.

Someone should probably check those mass updates first, since I can't actually do those searches.