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Reorganize Queen's Blade tags

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BUR #13470 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


create alias menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
remove alias menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication ancient_princess_menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication queen_of_amara_menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication menace_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create alias elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
remove alias elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
rename elina_(captain_of_the_royal_guard) -> captain_of_the_royal_guard_elina
create implication captain_of_the_royal_guard_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create implication ruler_of_fangs_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create implication shadow_tracker_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create alias leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
remove alias leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication exiled_warrior_leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication phantom_warrior_leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication leina_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> leina_(queen's_blade)

For some reason, the tags of Menace from Queen's Blade is mostly neglected unlike the other QB characters. Since there are now several characters named "Menace", I think a qualifier is needed.

Also, since it seems that variants of the same character is getting the same treatment as Azur Lane's skin tags, I think Menace's variants should be implied to the main tag as well.

As a side note, I think I will started working on Queen's Blade character tags, since it's currently quite messy to be honest.

Edit: Added tags for Leina and Elina.


BUR #13915 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename goldie -> goldie_(queen's_blade)
rename branwen -> branwen_(queen's_blade)
create alias lunaluna_(queen's_blade) -> luna_luna_(queen's_blade)
rename nowa -> nowa_(queen's_blade)
create implication forest_keeper_nowa -> nowa_(queen's_blade)
create alias tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
remove alias tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
create implication musha_miko_tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
create alias sword_saint_priestess_tomoe -> kensei-miko_tomoe
create implication kensei-miko_tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)

Another batch of QB tags to be organized.

Also, Luna Luna's name is localized with space in Queen's Blade Limit Break, so I think her main tag should reflect this.

BUR #20626 has been approved by @evazion.


create implication fighting_master_alleyne -> alleyne_(queen's_blade)
create implication alleyne_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> alleyne_(queen's_blade)
create implication weapon_merchant_cattleya -> cattleya_(queen's_blade)
create implication cattleya_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> cattleya_(queen's_blade)
create implication airi_(the_infernal_temptress) -> airi_(queen's_blade)
create implication airi_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> airi_(queen's_blade)
create implication claudette_lord_of_thundercloud -> claudette_(queen's_blade)
create implication thundercloud_queen_claudette -> claudette_(queen's_blade)
create implication claudette_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> claudette_(queen's_blade)
create implication veteran_mercenary_echidna -> echidna_(queen's_blade)
create implication echidna_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> echidna_(queen's_blade)
create alias risty -> risty_(queen's_blade)
remove alias risty -> risty_(queen's_blade)
create implication wilderness_bandit_risty -> risty_(queen's_blade)
create implication indomitable_champion_risty -> risty_(queen's_blade)
create implication risty_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> risty_(queen's_blade)
create alias nanael -> nanael_(queen's_blade)
remove alias nanael -> nanael_(queen's_blade)
create implication angel_of_light_nanael -> nanael_(queen's_blade)
create implication nanael_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> nanael_(queen's_blade)
create implication archangel_of_light_nanael -> nanael_(queen's_blade)
create implication fallen_angel_nanael -> nanael_(queen's_blade)

Here are other QB character variants that does not have implications yet. Also I would like to add qualifier for the main tag of Risty and Nanael to distinct their main tag from their other variants.


BUR #20848 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


rename nun_aldra_(queen's_blade) -> nun_aldra
create implication queen_aldra -> aldra_(queen's_blade)
create implication summoner_aldra -> aldra_(queen's_blade)
create implication nun_aldra -> aldra_(queen's_blade)
create implication aldra_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> aldra_(queen's_blade)
rename annelotte -> annelotte_(queen's_blade)
rename annelotte_(princess_knight) -> knight_princess_annelotte
create implication knight_princess_annelotte -> annelotte_(queen's_blade)
create implication demon_annelotte -> annelotte_(queen's_blade)
create implication iron_strategist_ymir -> ymir_(queen's_blade)
create implication iron_princess_ymir -> ymir_(queen's_blade)
rename melpha -> melpha_(queen's_blade)
create implication gainos_priestess_melpha -> melpha_(queen's_blade)
create implication melpha_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> melpha_(queen's_blade)
create implication nowa_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> nowa_(queen's_blade)
create implication nyx_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> nyx_(queen's_blade)
create implication ymir_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> ymir_(queen's_blade)
create implication irma_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> irma_(queen's_blade)
create implication tomoe_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)

Another batch of QB stuff, with some rename to get rid of unncessary qualifier and add one for the tag that actually needed it. Also added implication for the Unlimited variant that I forgot to add in the first batch.