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It is catchphrase of character okada akane in response to her imagining about nemoto hina
It comes in 2 variety
1 the initial one was when Akane shocked for the first time and immediately shout ひな――――――!!!
2 the next appearance in manga was when she saw dildo in sex toy store where she says Hina’s name (ひなぁ...) while having empty eyes https://watamote.fandom.com/wiki/WataMote_Chapter_139
ctrl + f "Okada is more surprised with Hina's reaction", her face I am referring to is below the panel in the image provided by wikia

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Yes all uploaded by me. Last time I ask about snitch tag, this is
the forum's response

I would say tagging catchphrase would probably fit most instances, like I sometimes tag when there's a focus on Ucchi's use of "kimoi". Though since there's an expression associated, and like in the case of post #5803903, the expression is sometimes used without "hinaa" actually being written out, I could see a case for creating a tag for it.