Meta tag suggestion: name-only_commentary

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Meta tag suggestion: name-only commentary for commentaries with names only and nothing else, like how symbol-only commentary is for commentaries with symbols only and nothing else.

These posts will tag english commentary if originally written in Roman/Latin alphabet. (Exception if they fall under languages other than Japanese/English and have localized English names.) (Forgot the wiki excludes names, thankfully I don't have name-only English mistags.)

You will then be able do a negative search commentary -name-only_commentary to exclude name-onlies. Though, we're pretty much ignoring names anyway... And who would be searching for names....


English commentary should be for commentaries with english words in them, not random names in the Latin alphabet.

Oops, ignore that. Briefly forgot because of the incident yesterday where some guy in Discord asked if "Neo" gets Latin commentary to which we said hell naw and that it's "English". They did not say English commentary applies but it hacked my mind.

Anyway, I remember I would frequently look up what the commentary says, even if it's obviously just a name, in which case, which honorific is used. Why? Just because. If I find out exactly what it says, I may as well add a translated commentary out of tagging autism, and for anyone who hates names enough and is searching commentary, the name-only tag exclusion would be a compromise option, the non-compromise option being "don't tag name-onlies at all".

Going off-topic, a machine translation button would be kinda nice, aside for the risk of machine translation vandalism.