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The bulk update request #15356 has been rejected.

create alias breastless_clothes -> breast_cutout

nonamethanks said:

breastless clothes seems like a padding tag. It gets tagged on stuff like post #6073556, post #6067519, post #5989099, post #5924520, post #5924050 and so on. It's a real mess.

I'd either alias breastless clothes to breast cutout or deprecate it, because otherwise it's just breasts out.

good point, didn't realize it was so common for people to tag it on obvious cases like shrug
so as suggested, reverse alias request

Hillside_Moose said:

A breast_cutout -> breastless_clothes implication might work, but I've noticed someone tagging breast_cutout on i-13_(kancolle) posts, when framed_breasts would've been more appropriate.

to be honest i didn't even know myself about the existence of the framed breasts tag, also not sure if it is an issue as the framed_breasts wiki says it can overlap with breastless clothes, implying that breastless_clothes (and therefore also breast cutout) can also apply to cases where the breasts are still covered by another garment/fabric, unless i'm misunderstanding it and the actual cases where both framed breasts and breastless clothes apply are only the ones that have bare uncovered breasts within breast_cutout specifically?

Kommandant said:

I think that breast_cutout is more of pointless tag with the images tagged under it having better defined and fitting tags. The only way I could see it working better is for images that would have been tagged breastless_clothes if it hadn't been for another layer of clothes covering the breasts in some form.

breastless clothes is for any clothing that exposes the breasts; breast cutout is when the breast portion of the clothes are cutout, which is one of several ways of getting breastless clothes, and one which creates a distinct aesthetic that isn't shared with other kinds of breastless clothes, so I'm not even sure where you're getting your argument from.

Neither post #5505329 nor post #5500881 would be breast cutout, for instance.