Proper usage for alternate_muscle_size tag

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I've been tagging pictures with the alternate_muscle_size tag, but I'm having a bit of doubt how much of a difference is up to artistic interpretation and what's the point it should actually count as worth of the tag or not. What I mean is, take for example post #1160324 . There's no question there, artist made Medaka 10 times bigger than official artworks and the character is not supposed to be muscular at all. Easy tag. In general, if it's not a character that's explicitly drawn as fit in their source material, I can almost blindly just search <source material> muscular_female and go on a tagging spree. Even characters like Beidou, Dehya or Noelle that are supposed to be strong and / or fit have no visible tone whatsoever in official Genshin Impact media, for a good example of this, no matter how much artists like putting muscles on em.

The issue however is when a character is sometimes, or inconsistently given some degree of muscles. See post #6125908, which is Barghest / Fairy Gawain from Fate. She's clearly a bit more muscular than what official artwork shows (specially arms) but character is actually supposed to be muscular and it's not that huge of a difference (compare with her official stage 3 artwork). But then you see her anniversary dress artwork and she has straight up noodle arms. In cases like this, I've been erring on the side of caution and unless it's an obvious case like post #1160324 I've not been tagging. But if I were to consider the dress version, basically 95% of Barghest artwork would be tagged on alternate_muscle_size. There are a few other examples of this, like, Samus is a great one. She's another supposed to be fit character but official artwork doesn't really focus on this and there's a lot of interpretation open. If I search for Samus pictures with the muscular_female tag. post #3625424 or post #4319794 are much larger than official artwork and deserve the tag, but something like post #3740682 I'm not entirely sure and post #4941263 seems to be a clear no. Street Fighter girls are basically all this. See Chun li. One one hand, I think anything that has any degree of muscle above the thighs should probably be tagged (see post #6018145), but then a picture like post #1724315 leaves me bit in doubt.

To be fair I'm also not sure how much I should be overthinking this, in practice almost every single copyrighted character with the muscular_female tag should be tagged with alternate_muscle_size tag unless it's the few ones that are consistently shown as muscular in official media (like Ghislaine or Mirko) but I wanted to first confirm if I should consider some degree of artistic liberty like the mentioned examples, specially for those "grey area" characters.

The real issue here is japanese artists not commiting to the muscle, if you ask me.