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Think about how this tag should be used. After that, read the wiki no_shoes.

So I just came across post #1026671, saw the no_shoes tag and removed it. If you can't view loli images, post #454784 is a similar example. Then, I checked the wiki for the tag.

The reason why I removed the tag should be obvious. The character is nude, so she isn't expected to wear shoes in the first place.
Other no_* tags also work this way. They are only added if the character is in a situation in which you would expect them to wear *. Any thoughts about this?

I'd also like to bring up no_hat (please read the last 3 posts in forum #37815) because it is still often used for nude touhou characters (and swimsuit and alternate_costume).

Updated by Bloodletter

Characters with legwear are to be tagged no_shoes according to the wiki. We could modify the wiki so nude doesn't allow no_shoes. Nude characters can still wear shoes, but it's kinda unexpected.

Nude excludes no_hat, but the first page of touhou & nude shows about half still have the hat.
Touhou & swimsuit shows just about everyone keeps the hat.

I'd say swimsuit and nude could work well with no_hat, if the character is expected to have a hat.

Alternate_costume is a different matter, since the hat belongs to the costume and as such a missing hat is not a surprise. Searching touhou & alternate_costume shows that almost nobody keeps the hat confirming this opinion.

No shoes describes feet that have legwear but no shoes. You may not expect a nude post to have shoes, but someone searching for socked feet (essentially what this tag is, which makes it a bit different from other no_* tags) would want to find them in their search under the same tag. If you want to remove these images from your search, no_shoes -nude is an option for you. That is my rationale for tagging these images anyway.

no panties and no bra have different reasons for being excluded from nude because nude is specifically defined to include them. You can't have nude with panties being worn, and you can't have nude with a bra being worn, otherwise it's topless or bottomless or whatever other tag fits the bill for the situation. In other words, no panties and no bra are completely redundant with nude. nude posts can have hats, socks, shoes, gloves, and a variety of other types of clothing.

I can understand the reasoning over wanting to exclude no hat from nude posts, but no hat is defined on the basis of metaknowledge, not objective data. It really shouldn't be lumped in with other no_* tags.