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Haha, I'm not stupid enough to mention the site. So far I've had decent luck with artists replying, but if he doesn't respond in a day or two, maybe there's an email address on his site that I could try instead.

The pictures in pool #1593 are done by the group http://haijindeath.net/

Here's the credits from the manga:

Hopefully it contains the artist's name in it. If it doesn't I could upload what looks like a messy signature after the afterword.

Edit: After snooping around some more I think it's kou_(haijindeath). Should have checked the wiki instead of just plugging in haijindeath into the tag search.


Well, I got my reply.

According to the artist, he randomly took his name from the Austrian agronomist Erich von Tschermak-Seysenegg. クマルェチ is チェルマク ("Tschermak") written in reverse. So I suppose the proper way to romanize it would be "Kamrehcst".

りの子 (female artist)

Safe to assume it reads rinoko or should I consider the little chance it might be rinoshi or rinone instead?

> And in case we have a chinese translator dropping by I'll be asking again about 八弦殿.

Just as a general comment on artists, please don't anyone be shy about adding qualifiers to artists, such as pixiv url account name or homepage name.

In fact, for any single name artist using an even remotely reasonable combination of Japanese syllables I would recommend this as a general rule, even if there is no present clash. So for example if "rinoko" is used, go ahead and qualify it. Even if there is no rinoko currently.

The reason is that if we don't qualify right off the bat, we will undoubtedly run into a conflict eventually, and then I'll have the unpleasant choice between 1) aliasing a single name to something more specific, or 2) only mass editing it, orphaning the old tag and everyone's subscriptions and RSS feeds and such with it.

jxh2154 said:
Just as a general comment on artists, please don't anyone be shy about adding qualifiers to artists, such as pixiv url account name or homepage name.

EXCEPT for (pixiv#####). And then don't qualify things like 4st_injection, which was created as the completely useless 4st_injection_(artist). There's absolutely no chance anything ever but an artist would be called that, so disambiguating in this manner is silly, because if we ever got a clash, it'd be with another artist and then the qualifier wouldn't do anything. So yes, qualify and don't be shy about it, but use common sense and qualify in ways that will actually reduce the probability of conflicts.

I need a different sort of artist tagging help. I believe I've found the artist for post #134061 and post #9994 and its child but I'm suspicious of copy-cats and art thieves so I'd like a second (or third) opinion. The artist in question is Yami Kosaka.

The URL found on the previously mentioned posts now only has a picture of a cheetah and no links to the artist's new website. On the suspected new website there is an entry on his journal comparing a recent drawing and post #9994. I'm not sure what's actually being said but perhaps there is a clue in that entry somewhere.

A cropped but higher resolution version of post #134061 is on his Pixiv account.

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