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Finish aliasing bunny tags to rabbit tags

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BUR #14203 has been approved by @evazion.


create alias bunny-shaped_eyewear -> rabbit-shaped_eyewear
create alias bunny-shaped_pupils -> rabbit-shaped_pupils
create alias bunny_background -> rabbit_background
create alias bunny_bag -> rabbit_bag
create alias bunny_balloon -> rabbit_balloon
create alias bunny_belt_buckle -> rabbit_belt_buckle
create alias bunny_choker -> rabbit_choker
create alias bunny_cutout -> rabbit_cutout
create alias bunny_ear_legwear -> rabbit_ear_legwear
create alias bunny_ear_panties -> rabbit_ear_panties
create alias bunny_earmuffs -> rabbit_earmuffs
create alias bunny_earrings -> rabbit_earrings
create alias bunny_eyepatch -> rabbit_eyepatch
create alias bunny_hat -> rabbit_hat
create alias bunny_head -> rabbit_head
create alias bunny_keychain -> rabbit_keychain
create alias bunny_lingerie -> rabbit_lingerie
create alias bunny_mask -> rabbit_mask
create alias bunny_nose -> rabbit_nose
create alias bunny_ornament -> rabbit_ornament
create alias bunny_pajamas -> rabbit_pajamas
create alias bunny_panties -> rabbit_panties
create alias bunny_paws -> rabbit_paws
create alias bunny_pillow -> rabbit_pillow
create alias bunny_pin -> rabbit_pin
create alias bunny_pose -> rabbit_pose
create alias bunny_print -> rabbit_print
create alias bunny_puppet -> rabbit_puppet
create alias bunny_shadow_puppet -> rabbit_shadow_puppet
create alias bunny_symbol -> rabbit_symbol
create alias bunny_tattoo -> rabbit_tattoo
create alias bunny_vibrator -> rabbit_vibrator
create alias holding_bunny -> holding_rabbit
create alias stuffed_bunny -> stuffed_rabbit
create alias towel_bunny -> towel_rabbit

While tagging some Year of the Rabbit art (post #5944672), I tried to tag rabbit pose, but it didn't work because of this inconsistency. Removes the ambiguity of using the informal word "bunny", which may suggest a juvenile rabbit or a term for a girl.

In BURs like topic #21077 (+6 / -3) and forum #191144 (+9 / -3), we made rabbit the main way to refer to rabbits. See forum #173903 (+3 / -3) for an earlier BUR.

All source bunny tags already have some posts. This does not consider character tags of unnamed original characters or anything related to bunnygirls, bunnyboys, or playboy bunnies.

There are roughly 34 bunny_* tags that should be aliased to equivalent rabbit_* tags. There are already roughly 31 rabbit_* tags in use.

Existing aliases from bunny -> rabbit (count: 8)

bunny -> rabbit
bunny on head -> rabbit on head
bunny hair ornament -> rabbit hair ornament
bunny tail -> rabbit tail
bunny ears -> rabbit ears
bunny hood -> rabbit hood
bunny ear headphones -> rabbit ear headphones
too many bunnies -> too many rabbits

Existing aliases from rabbit -> bunny (count: 6)

rabbit mask -> bunny mask
rabbit head -> bunny head
rabbit headphones -> bunny headphones
stuffed rabbit -> stuffed bunny
snow rabbit -> snow bunny
rabbit vibrator -> bunny vibrator

I have created a separate BUR for snow rabbit below.
Bunny slippers, bunny ears prank, and apple bunny don't have aliases going to them, but I also created separate BURs for them.


BUR #14204 has been rejected.

create alias bunny_slippers -> rabbit_slippers

I've personally heard "rabbit slippers" quite a bit (but maybe not as much) and referred to them that way myself sometimes. I think the usage of "rabbit slippers" is common enough and, given what they depict, is a fine name.

A quick search suggests "bunny slippers" is much more common on shopping websites. "Bunny slippers" has 8x more results on Google.

There's a Wikipedia article called Bunny slippers but it's a one-liner stub and the article was created by an actual child in 2009. I'll probably open up a discussion on Wikipedia to see if there's consensus in renaming that article, but in the meantime, I believe "rabbit slippers" is the best name for the tag on Danbooru.


BUR #14205 has been rejected.

create alias bunny_ears_prank -> rabbit_ears_prank

Rename because it's still about rabbit-like ears and that's what it looks like. But maybe no rename because bunny ears might be a much more common name. From personal experience, I'd say it's about even.

Bunny ears prank has 14x more results on Google and there's a TV Tropes article called Bunny Ears Picture Prank.


BUR #14206 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias apple_bunny -> apple_rabbit

There's a roughly equal number of results for apple bunny and apple rabbit on Google, about 30k each here. Many sites refer to them as both. Some just as "rabbit-shaped apple". It's still an apple slice that looks like a rabbit.

The Japanese or Pixiv name for this tag is just usagi ringo, or apple rabbit. If it were apple bunny, it might have been usa ringo, but usagi is already a pretty cutesy, diminutive name as it is (albeit not an informal one), so it's not 1:1.


BUR #14207 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias snow_bunny -> snow_rabbit

Snow bunnies are ultimately just snowmen shaped like rabbits, or rabbits made out of snow, just like apple rabbits, towel rabbits, and stuffed rabbits. The name "snow rabbit" is actually pretty popular; look it up!

This BUR also has the added bonus of removing ambiguity from the slang that refers to a woman (a female skier, a non-dark-skinned woman, or a female cocaine user). Compare the most recent bunny BUR which was justified with the word "bunny" often informally referring to women sometimes.

Both names also have some ambiguity with an actual species of white hare, but that's not really a problem.


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